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Spice Organization
A sprinkle of black pepper or a dash of salt elevates the most basic dish, but a jumble of spice jars on your counter gives your kitchen a cluttered look.


My love for spices never ends. For someone who has a large number of spices and constantly trying different recipes, it can become quite a challenge to organize it all. It was always a mess going through all of them in my storage basket and rack. One of the best ways to organize your spices and herbs is to ensure you can see everything you’ve got, not just the stuff you use all the time. 

Get organized with this simple DIY spice drawer hack. Clear containers with airtight seals will help keep your entire collection fresh, tidy, and visible. You don't need to invest in expensive jars to organize. 

Dried spices and herbs don’t necessarily spoil but recently I came to know that they do lose their flavor over time if you don't store them properly. Over the stove is the absolute worst place you can store your spices where they are constantly exposed to both light and heat. Instead, tuck them away in a cabinet that's a little further from your range because the heat will turn them bland more quickly.

 Since I was also guilty of storing my spices right above my stove, it was another reason to get this organization going. Always store spices and herbs in glass jars as plastic can be porous allowing in small amounts of air that slowly causes harm over time. While every spice has an expiration date if properly stored and sealed, the glass will extend the shelf life significantly.

My simple 5 step solution for a DIY spice drawer


Step 1- Wash and sterilize


Step 2- Let Dry on a clean surface


Step 3- Fill the Jar with the help of funnel

Step 4- Using VARIER Drawer mat from Ikea keeps the jar in place.


Step 5- Using chalk pen to label the spices. This chalk pen is perfect! you can easily wipe it off with damp cloth and relabel your jars as needed.

   so there you have it-quick, easy, efficient and attractive spice drawer.

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